Replication (#ZN8) Os Network Error?

I’m stuck on Replication - 11.

My approach was to open a connection each time a replica has to send data to the master, when I initially connect to the replica everything seems to be working fine, but when I try to make a request to replicate the information i’m getting Connection refused (os error 111),

I have tried to use:


it works locally! but I can’t manage to make it work in the tests

Anything seems to work
Here are my logs:

Connection refused (os error 111)

And here’s a snippet of my code:

TcpStream::connect(format!("{task_port}")) { 
    Ok(stream) {
    Err(err) {
       eprintln!("{}", err);

Ok so this is my bad!
I notice that instructions mention the replication array response as the org instruction mentions:

 The tester will expect to receive these commands (encoded as RESP arrays) on the replication connection (the one used for the handshake).

sorry guys

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