Maintenance mode error

I was trying to refactor the code and repush the branch for testing. But I am getting the following error while running the test in CLI:

codecrafters test                            
Initiating test run...
create submission: failed to submit code to CodeCrafters. status code: 503, body: <!DOCTYPE html>
                <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
                <meta charset="utf-8">
                <title>Offline for Maintenance</title>
                <style media="screen">
                  html,body,iframe {
                        margin: 0;
                        padding: 0;
                  html,body {
                        height: 100%;
                        overflow: hidden;
                  iframe {
                        width: 100%;
                        height: 100%;
                        border: 0;
                <iframe src=""></iframe>

In case of git push I was getting CodeCrafters internal error 503.

Please help.

We’re running maintenance, should be back up shortly:

Should be fixed now! Mind giving this another try @Shubho2?


Had the same problem at the same time. It’s fixed now, thanks.

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