Local Setup for the Redis challenge

Can anyone help me setup my vscode locally for running the test locally?
I am new to these things and unable to do so.

I’m not sure if there’s anything specific to vscode to be done, but this article contains info around tools you can use to run commands against your redis server locally: How do I debug test failures in the Redis Challenge? - CodeCrafters.

Some of our tests (mostly base stages) should be easy enough to replicate with these tools. We try to add redis-cli usage to the “Tests” section wherever possible so this is easy to do.

For some other extensions like Replication, it can be pretty difficult to emulate the tests using redis-cli - for those cases it’s often easier to just use the CLI. It’s faster to use than using Git. Although tests aren’t run locally, they’re pretty fast and you can still add print statements for debugging.

If you’ve got any specific questions re: local setup, feel free to ask and I can try to help!

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