Running redis-cli, problem clarifications

I’m stuck on Stage #LA7 and I am using Go, but just want to seek clarification on how to actually run the programme/ how to test.

Based on the problem description, it seems that I should run the shell script provided, then proceed to run redis-cli PING.

However, running the provided shell script does not create any redis-cli binary, hence I am not able to run the redis-cli PING in another terminal window. So what I want to ask is how should I be running the redis-cli?

Another related question: when the tester runs redis-cli PING, does my programme receive PING or the RESP version of PING? I saw that this is mentioned in Stage #RG2:

The exact bytes your program will receive won’t be just PING , you’ll receive something like this: *1\r\n$4\r\nPING\r\n , which is the Redis protocol encoding of the PING command.

However, when I was doing #RG2, my local testing involved sending the plain string PING and doing a string equality check in my code, and I managed to pass the stage… Am I misunderstanding the instructions?

Thank you!

To install redis-cli do:

sudo apt install redis-tools

When using redis-cli you will get the RESP version of PING.

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