How to learn a new language?

Hi, I’m an experienced developer, but I’ve mostly worked only with Python and JavaScript. I’m really trying to pick up C++ and Go, in no particular order. What’s the best way to learn a new language effectively and be able to use it on projects?

Looking for a C++ or Go specific answer, but also open to just general wisdom on picking up any new programming language :slight_smile:

I know codecrafters is mostly focused on building more advanced projects but I thought the people here were very knowledgeable in general. So I wanted to get some ideas from them.


Since you’re already worked with Python / JS, I’d recommend doing:

  1. A quick primer on basic syntax for the new language
  2. Build practical projects

My personal experience learning Clojure: I first went through Clojure by Example (or something similar? This was a while ago) and then built GitHub - rohitpaulk/simple-editor: A bare-bones text editor, written in Clojure.