Contributing to Codecrafters Projects

Hello CodeCrafters community,

I am Vishal Yadav, a software developer from India with a passion for Go, JavaScript, and Java programming. I enjoy exploring the codebases of famous open-source projects and analyzing their architecture. It’s a hobby of mine.

I am interested in contributing to your future projects, such as building your own Kafka, Elasticsearch, or any other prominent technology or any current project. Currently, I am not seeking any compensation; my primary goal is to learn about distributed systems.

If you believe there is a place for me in one of your projects, please let me know.

Vishal Yadav

Hey @VishalMCF!

Thanks for reaching out. We aren’t setup for collaboration on new challenges yet, but we’d love help adding language support for existing challenges.

You can find instructions for this here: Introduction - CodeCrafters.