Build your own Shell tests are now more strict with checking output

Just a quick note for anyone who’s coming here because their tests on the Shell challenge previously passed and don’t pass now - we had some tests that weren’t strict enough, they were ignoring extra output like warnings, leading spaces etc.

The PR for this is here: CC-1260: Make shell output regex tests stricter by ryan-gang · Pull Request #12 · codecrafters-io/shell-tester · GitHub.

Thanks to @andy1li for highlighting how some tests were lax vs. others being strict! (ref: Can't use `print` to debug in python)

We know that debug statements are still a problem (and will be worse with this change), still thinking about approaches to solving this. If you’re got any ideas around this, please chime in at Can't use `print` to debug in python.

I’m still facing the same error – what do I have to do to get the fix? I’ve only cloned the project and am running the first stage

@yjennykim Ah, you’ll need remove the “Logs from your program will appear here!” statement as shown in the diff:

(Let me know if that doesn’t work!)

Thank you! That was it :slight_smile:

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