Tester doesn't seem to be running the 'your_shell.sh' script correctly #GP4

I’m stuck on Stage #GP4.

I’ve run the script manually and it seems to do the correct things, but when I run codecrafters test it doesn’t seem to run my program at all. No compilation errors, no debug logs from within the program, and the string it got from stdout is just "", an empty string.

Here are my logs:

[tester::#GP4] Running tests for Stage #GP4 (Navigation - The cd builtin: Home directory)
[tester::#GP4] Running ./your_shell.sh
[tester::#GP4] Expected prompt ("$ ") to be printed, got ""
[tester::#GP4] Test failed (try setting 'debug: true' in your codecrafters.yml to see more details)

Thanks again for reporting! Closing in favour of Final step on Shell (golang) is not passing - stuck and suspect test error - #5 by rohitpaulk

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