Stage #YC9 of “Build your own DNS”

I have just passed stage 7, however I didn’t expect too since I didn’t actually implement the compression stuff.

The instructions suggest that the request I get should contain a normal question, and a question with compressed name elements.

Here is what the tester will send you:

| ------------------------------------------ |

Question 1 (un-compressed label sequence)
Question 2 (compressed label sequence)

My code was written from the beginning to handle encoding/decoding from /to byte arrays or vecs and I work with structs. So when I extended to handle adding an answer per question I expected the second to fail parsing.

This has ultimately caused me to have issues in the final stage where a question with a compressed name was recieved. It’s been a frustrating day!

(this is more feedback than a cry for help, i’ll fix my code later )

Hmm, this (passing the stage without implementing compression support) is definitely not expected… We’re going to revisit this stage soon (revamp the instructions + tests), will keep in mind!

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