Rust - Redis Replicas Stage (#NA2) I am not getting any response from client for GETACK

I’m stuck on Rust Redis Replication stage 18.

I’ve tried using channels to communicate thinking problem was because I was using Arc<Mutex<>> everywhere.
When I spin up my own implementation and multiple slaves, My code is more is less getting response that I expect.

Here are my logs:

[replication-18] replica-3: Received bytes: “$88\r\nREDIS0011\xfa\tredis-ver\x057.2.0\xfa\nredis-bits\xc0@\xfa\x05ctime\xc2m\b\xbce\xfa\bused-mem°\xc4\x10\x00\xfa\baof-base\xc0\x00\xff\xf0n;\xfe\xc0\xffZ\xa2”
[replication-18] Received RDB file
[replication-18] client: $ redis-cli SET foo 123
[replication-18] client: Sent bytes: “*3\r\n$3\r\nSET\r\n$3\r\nfoo\r\n$3\r\n123\r\n”
[your_program] 2024-04-11T17:54:38.543031Z DEBUG ThreadId(01) src/server/ Got a request from:
[replication-18] client: Received bytes: “+OK\r\n”
[replication-18] client: Received RESP value: “OK”
[replication-18] Received “OK”
[replication-18] client: $ redis-cli WAIT 1 500
[your_program] 2024-04-11T17:54:38.543359Z INFO ThreadId(02) src/database/ Setting key: foo with value: 123
[replication-18] client: Sent bytes: “*3\r\n$4\r\nWAIT\r\n$1\r\n1\r\n$3\r\n500\r\n”
[replication-18] Testing Replica : 1
[replication-18] replica-1: Received bytes: “*3\r\n$3\r\nSET\r\n$3\r\nfoo\r\n$3\r\n123\r\n”
[replication-18] replica-1: Received RESP value: [“SET”, “foo”, “123”]
[replication-18] Received [“SET”, “foo”, “123”]
[your_program] 2024-04-11T17:54:38.545308Z DEBUG ThreadId(02) src/cmd_processor/ (inside of wait): Emitting ReplicationEvent::GetAck
[your_program] 2024-04-11T17:54:38.545454Z DEBUG ThreadId(02) src/replication/ Sending GET ACK TO slave
[your_program] 2024-04-11T17:54:38.545478Z DEBUG ThreadId(02) src/replication/ Writing to one slave
[your_program] 2024-04-11T17:54:38.545609Z DEBUG ThreadId(02) READING ACK FROM CLIENT: src/replication/ Creating bufferred reader
[your_program] 2024-04-11T17:54:39.046217Z DEBUG ThreadId(02) READING ACK FROM CLIENT: src/cmd_processor/ :alarm_clock: TIMEOUT or error
[replication-18] Received: “” (no content received)
[replication-18] ^ error
[replication-18] Error: Expected start of a new RESP value (either +, -, :, $ or *)
[replication-18] Test failed
[replication-18] Terminating program

include relevant logs here

And here’s a snippet of my code:

                        let mut acks_received = 0;

                        let req = RESPType::Array(vec![
                        for (_, streams) in &mut streams_map {
                            let (reader, mut writer) = streams.split();
                            debug!("Sending GET ACK TO slave");
                            let _ = writer.write_all(&req.as_bytes()).await;
                            debug!("Writing to one slave");
                            let span =
                                tracing::span!(tracing::Level::DEBUG, "READING ACK FROM CLIENT");
                            let _guard = span.enter();
                            debug!("Creating bufferred reader");
                            let mut reader = BufReader::new(reader);
                            let resp_type = RESPType::parse(&mut reader).await.unwrap();
                            debug!("RESP from slave - {:?}", resp_type);
                            acks_received += 1;
                                "Acks received {:?} -- min_acks -- {}",
                                acks_received, min_ack
                            if acks_received >= min_ack {
                        debug!("Respoding to the onshot channel");
                        let _ = resp.send(acks_received);

NOTE: I am not rust pro, so it could be that I am doing something very wrong and I can’t figure it out :slight_smile:

Hey @amantuladhar,

We’ll look into improving the logs here to convey what’s happening better.

In this stage, you do need to handle the case where a GETACK doesn’t receive an ACK back. That’s something we explicitly test in this stage.

One way to do this would be to send GETACK to all replicas, and then asynchronously keep waiting for ones that send ACKs back. An example in Python in case it helps: build-your-own-redis/app/ at ffbf840d81f39d27417a338d5af8771834b120a6 · ryan-gang/build-your-own-redis · GitHub

Hey @rohitpaulk

Thanks for the info. I was finally able to solve with the hint you gave me. Thanks a bunch.

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Note: I’ve updated the title of this post to include the stage ID (#NA2). You can learn about the stages rename here: Upcoming change: Stages overhaul