New challenge: Build your own Interpreter

Build your own Interpreter is now in beta! Learn about tokenization, ASTs, tree-walk interpreters and more.

This challenge is slightly different from our usual challenges, it’s designed to be a companion to the book Crafting Interpreters by Robert Nystrom. This is one that a LOT of you asked us to build, hope you enjoy it!

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Please give this a try and let us know where the rough edges are. @ryan-gang (author of this challenge) and I will be hanging out here to help :slightly_smiling_face:

The challenge will be free for a month or so while it’s in beta, so if you’ve got friends you aren’t CodeCrafters members they can try it too!

The tester code is open-source as always, if anyone wants to poke around: GitHub - codecrafters-io/interpreter-tester: Tester for the interpreter challenge.. Our tests are validated against the official implementation from the book.

We’re starting with support for Rust/Python/Go, and the challenge currently only covers chapters 1-4. We’ll expand language support + release extensions for other chapters in the coming weeks.

(If you’re keen on trying a specific language, please leave a comment below and I’ll try to get it prioritized!)

I would love support for C :slight_smile:

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Oh, and for 10 lucky users who start the challenge this week, we’re giving away physical copies of the book! The book is absolutely gorgeous, coffee table material