Language_pack mismatch error

remote: Detected changes to language_pack (old: rust-1.77, new: rust-1.76).
remote: This isn’t supported. If you’re trying to upgrade to a new language version, please try creating a new repository.
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All of my progress on app was gone - I am trying to resync so I can update some of logic but I can’t seem to be able to push

Hey @amantuladhar,

I think you should be able to fix by changing the language_pack value in codecrafters.yml to rust-1.77. Could you try this and let me know if it works?

When you create a new repository we pick the latest version available (1.77 in this case). The old code doesn’t match that expectation here - I agree that the error message is cryptic, we’ll fix this!

I believe we spoke over email and this is resolved, closing!

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Yes. Thanks this was fixed. Sorry didn’t reply on this thread.

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