Keep "Free this month" and "Free during beta" tags displayed when authenticated


I would like to suggest to keep “Free this month” and “Free during beta” tags displayed when one is authenticated. These are only displayed when unauthenticated, as seen in the below screenshot:

When authenticated, these tags disappear (I am not allowed to put a second screenshot to illustrate my words as I am a new user).

Goal would be to easily identify which challenges are available for free :wink:

Ah, we do show these labels in the challenge page even if you’re authenticated:

They’re shown in the catalog page cards too when authenticated, but once you’ve started a challenge we prioritize the progress bar over free/beta labels.

Will see if there’s a clean way to incorporate this and not make the UI look too busy!

Thank you for your answer Paul.

Yes, they are indeed shown in the challenges page, but one does not have a global view of what’s free when one started almost all challenges.

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