Incorrect test on EZ5 stage

I’m stuck on Stage #EZ5.

Here are my logs:

Expected output to contain "nonexistent not found\\n", got "nonexistent: command not found\r\n$ "

“nonexistent not found” is incorrect answer for real console.

@gnomeby nice catch! I’ve updated the instructions. The test expectations are correct (we run them against bash, zsh and dash to be sure):

Commit with instruction changes:

My Gentoo:

type erer
bash: type: erer: not found

bash 5.1_p16-r6


sh-5.1$ type erer
sh: type: erer: not found

But OK I can use your variant.

dash 0.5.12

# type r
r: not found

Aha… Looks like we’ve handled this in tests to make it compatible with all shells:

I assume bash is far more widely used than zsh, so I think we’ll use the format you shared in the instructions then. Thanks for highlighting this, will update in the instructions!


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