HTTP Compression stage #DF4

I’m stuck on HTTP Compression stage 1/3.

I’ve tried pushing my solution for testing.

Here are my logs:


⚡ This is a turbo test run.

Running tests on your code. Logs should appear shortly...

tester context does not have test case with slug compression-content-encoding
Try our CLI to run tests faster without Git:

View our article on debugging test failures:

The part “tester context does not have test case with slug compression-content-encoding”, does this mean there is no test case for this stage or? I’m a bit puzzled.

Hey @tifye,

This should be fixed now! Sorry, we just released this today and forgot to update the tester version on older repositories. Please let me know if you’re still running into this!

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Note: I’ve updated the title of this post to include the stage ID (#DF4). You can learn about the stages rename here: Upcoming change: Stages overhaul.