Guideline on how to make it work for real torrents


I’ve finished the challenge and it works correctly with the sample torrent and passes all the tests available.
However, it won’t work for any actual torrent file on the internet. I’m not asking about making it production-ready as I understand that it’s out of the scope of a simple learning material and indeed requires lots of time and investment to prepare something production-ready but simple guidelines on how to make it useable on actual files would help it, otherwise it feels like an incomplete project.

as an example, I’m facing 2 issues with real torrent files

  1. it’s not properly parsing torrent info for multifile torrents
  2. I can’t connect to any peer, always getting connection timeout, so probably some additional network magic is needed

It would be helpful to have simple guidelines on how those problems could be tackled for people who are interested to go beyond :slight_smile:
Very similar to optimization and download speed tips at the end of the project