Go Build Fails [Redis Challenge]

My programs fails to build when using the tester. I can build and run it fine locally.

I did run go mod tidy locally and it made some changes to the go mod file that says to not edit, but I don’t think that’s the reason.

Issue seems to be related to importing other packages. Right now I’m importing

golang.org/x/exp v0.0.0-20240613232115-7f521ea00fb8

I don’t know if the issue is with this package especifically or with just importing in general. I’ve been using this package for a while now while solving this problem and the last update to the package was in mid June, so I’m thinking this might be an issue with the tester.

I did notice that go 1.22.5 was just released today and some people were having problems with containerized apps.

Maybe this is related to that?

@elordeiro thanks for reporting this! Yep, does seem like a transient error. I searched for the error string and I see occurrences from 8PM Jul 2 to 3AM Jul 3 (UTC):

No occurrences since then though, so I’m guessing whatever this was is resolved now. I’ve added an alert for the text “updating go.mod requires go” so that I’ll be notified if this happens again.

Gonna mark this as closed until I’m alerted of other occurrences. @elordeiro I’m guessing all’s good and you aren’t still running into this, please let me know if that’s not the case!

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