Expected incorrect hash (bittorrent stage 6)

I am pretty sure it is a bug. i have posted about the issue in the challenges forum. the goal is to calculate the hash value of the info dictionary. i wrote somthing that is working both on the sample torrent and 1 test, but the second test says the program calculated an incorrect hash.on the other forum that i have posted the issue i have been told to sort the info keys.
i have sorted them in the order like the sample.torrent and in the website so:
piece length

but still when i hash this info dictionary from this specific torrent, i get an incorrect hash, although my code did well hashing the sample.torrent and another test. i have included the info dictionary contents in the output so you can have a look:

[tester::#RB2] Running ./your_bittorrent.sh info /tmp/torrents132665628/codercat.gif.torrent
[your_program] {"length": 2994120, "name": "codercat.gif", "piece length": 262144, "pieces": "<40����c�~��%�jиQ�.��7?�g�DB�VɊ"}
[your_program] Tracker URL: http://bittorrent-test-tracker.codecrafters.io/announce
[your_program] Length: 2994120
[your_program] Info Hash: b2e418942622262a433ceda7b2e6e154a112318e
[tester::#RB2] Expected stdout to contain "Info Hash: c77829d2a77d6516f88cd7a3de1a26abcbfab0db", got: "{\"length\": 2994120, \"name\": \"codercat.gif\", \"piece length\": 262144, \"pieces\": \"<40\x9f\xae\xbf\x01\xe4\x9c\x0fc\xc9\v~\xdc\xc2%\x9bjиQ\x9b.\xa9\xbb7?\xf5g\xf6DB\x81VɊ\x1d\"}\nTracker URL: http://bittorrent-test-tracker.codecrafters.io/announce\nLength: 2994120\nInfo Hash: b2e418942622262a433ceda7b2e6e154a112318e\n"
[tester::#RB2] Test failed

Closing in favour of Odd testing results for 6th stage - #4 by rohitpaulk

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