Docker challenge is deprecated

The Docker challenge is now deprecated.

Unlike our other challenges, Docker wasn’t built on a solid foundation - we cut corners and ignored the fact that Docker has a separate “daemon” and a “client”. This makes it difficult to add extensions and improve the challenge. We’re deprecating this challenge for now and might revive it later with a proper approach.

  • If you’ve started the challenge already, it’ll still show up in your catalog list
  • This challenge won’t be visible to new users or anyone who hasn’t started the challenge already
  • Mentions of the Docker challenge everywhere will slowly be removed (profile pages, activity log etc.)
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The docker challenge was what got me interested in this platform. The “might revive it later” is a little troubling as it implies it is not planned to come back?

Unsure at the moment! We have no immediate plans to bring it back, but if there’s enough user demand we might reconsider.

For context, Docker was added back in the day when we didn’t have challenge voting. Ever since we’ve added voting, we’ve tried to stick to adding challenges & extensions based on user votes.