Decompressing zlib file outputs empty string

I’m stuck on Stage #IC4.

I’ve tried decompressing a tree object type using zlib.
Here are my logs:

[tester::#KP1] Expected "dooby\nvanilla\nyikes\n" as stdout, got: ""
[tester::#KP1] Test failed

And here’s a snippet of my code:

let file_path = format!(
            first_two_letters, whats_left_from_file_name
        let data = fs::read(file_path).unwrap();

        let mut d = ZlibDecoder::new(data.as_slice());
        let mut result = String::new();
        d.read_to_string(&mut result);

@SomeoneWhoCodesForReal could you post your full code on GitHub please? A bit hard to tell what’s happening here without seeing the rest of the code…

Marking as closed for now, please let us know if you still need help!

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