Bittorrent stage (#AH1) portability issue?

I’m stuck on stage 3.

I’ve tried to turn debug mode on, but this isnt helpful. I test locally first, and it seems to work. I am able to print a decoded list propely… However in order to proceed to next stage for submission, the tests seems to fail whenever I test remotely

Here are my logs:

@sinmi-hub can you share a snippet of your code please? Hard to tell what’s going on here without that.

Hi there. This has been resolved as I reached out to Codecrafters. Turns out it is a matter of difference in machines as I suspected. I need to code from a portable perspective. Thanks!

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Note: I’ve updated the title of this post to include the stage ID (#AH1). You can learn about the stages rename here: Upcoming change: Stages overhaul.