Another tester error on #RA6?

I’m stuck on Stage #RA6

I had previously passed this stage, but after changes were made to the tester it appears that something changed with this one, specifically the expected output looks a bit strange, missing the cd: part and it seems to have dropped the r from a \r\n to be left with just \\n. Is this another tester error or something odd with my environment?

Here are my logs:

Expected output to match "/non-existing-directory: No such file or directory\\n", got "cd: /non-existing-directory: No such file or directory\r\n$ "
[tester::#RA6] condition not met

Ah, I seem to have missed Incorrect test descriptions #RA6 #GQ9 - #4 by andy1li. This is a duplicate of that issue, disregard.

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