1MB File size restriction

Hi everyone!

We recently pushed a change to restrict the size of files pushed to be a maximum of 1MB. This helps prevent accidentally committing compiled binaries or other large files.

If you run into this, the error message is currently going to be a bit cryptic. You’ll see something like HTTP status 413, push rejected. We’re working on making this more friendly.

If one of your older repositories had such large files, we’ve emailed you with details + a backup of your code in case you need it.

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We’re working on improving the error message here. A fix should go later this week that will look like this:

In the meantime if you’re running into this, this most likely means that you have a large file (> 1MB) that isn’t ignored via .gitignore.

If the file is on the latest commit, just deleting + amending the last commit should work. If they’re on commits before the latest one, you might need to edit history — BFG Repo-Cleaner by rtyley can help.

If you’re unable to identify the large file, feel free to send us a .zip of your repository to hello@codecrafters.io, and we’ll take a look!

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The new error message should be live now! We also have a guide on how to fix this: